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About CEPdirectory.com

Thank your for visiting CEPdirectory.com!

Please look around and make yourself at home, as some would say, "Mi Casa, Su Casa"!

My name is Evan Gwin, and I am proud to be part of the CEP International Family. CEP has created a group of very caring, understanding, and dedicatated members. In my opinion, as well as yours I am sure, CEP excudes Caring and Sharing. I believe that every person gives back in their own unique way, and my biggest talent is Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimation, so I thought that I would do my part to give back to to the community of Internet Professionals, that call themselves "The CEP Family", by creating CEPdirectory.com!



So how am I going to help anyone by creating this directory?

The answer is simple, CEPdirectory.com is the Ultimate CEP Directory that KEEPS ON GIVING!

100% of the ALL Advertising Sales will be donated to CEP Gives Back!

To learn more about our advertising rates, CLICK HERE

What a good way to promote your business!


So you might ask, how can I help promote CEPdirectory.com?

My goal is to encourage members and non-members to participate in building the ultimate directory about what excudes you! Everyday, you most likely visit a website to search for something. When you come accross one your like, or would like to add one of your sites to our Directory, we offer free and paid submissions, banner advertising and more.

Ask yourself these questions to help you get started:

  • What websites do I like most?
  • What websites would be beneficial to other members?
  • Where do I work, can I add that link and generate more business for my company?
  • Where have I traveled that I like the most? Is their a website in particular?

Just think, if everyone adds just 1 site per day that they like, we could have the #1 directory on the internet in no time at all!

With your help, we can be the directory that keeps on Giving!


If you would like to spread the word, feel free to promote our banner:

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